Marantz CD67-SE

Try these:
-switch off the unit
-open the top cover
-spin the spindle motor to check whether it's spining action smooth or not.
-if the spindle motor is ok,gently push the lens away from the spindle motor
-switch on the unit
-the lens should travel towards the spindle motor
-after it"hit" the end,the lens should move upward and downward few times,a not very visible red light should be seen
-insert a good CD,
-check the motor would spin or not.
-if the motor start spining,check if any tiny red light shining on the bottom side of the CD(it can be on the top side too)
-some sort of hiss sound maybe heard when the unit trying to read the content of the CD

Try these steps and inform me about your result:)

the cd67Mk2 is very similar to the CD6000 because both players are using the same servo units (Servo Driver 3x TDA7073A with Servo Controller SAA7372), the power supply is nearly identical but the cd6000 is working with two dac-units. I do not know the cd67se maybe this one is using the same stuff like the cd63 (Servo Driver 3x TCA0372 and Servo Controller TDA1301) ??? But anyway what kind of servo units are used - Power supply, dac section and the laser part are similar. The mainboards of all these players starting with CD43, CD53, CD63, CD67Mk2, CD6000 etc. are looking nearly identical but the parts are somewhat different.