Marantz CD63ki problem


2013-04-11 7:51 pm
Hi everyone. I've been reading these forums for a while but have finally joined to post a problem I now have.
My 63Ki recently stopped reading discs or playing them. You could see the laser trying to focus and failing and the disc wouldn't spin. After reading much here and doing a diagnostic test that came up with an error 2 fault I decided it was the common and much publicised laser failure.
I am reasonably competent with a soldering iron so I bought a new genuine replacement part and installed it following the instructions on this forum somewhere. I now have exactly the same fault occurring as before! I went back to the supplier who told me 'There is no possibility of an original Philips part being faulty out of the box' and patronised me by saying it is 'easy to make a mistake with the installation'. He went on to say it can be caused by an open circuit or drive failure and if I have the model number it is possible to find out the parameter being measured to give the error code and better diagnose the fault I am having.
Does this sound plausible or am I being led up the proverbial garden path or has someone had this fault before and know what the fix is?
Thanks in advance and great forum!!