Marantz cd63 (cd100) problem

Hello to all!!
my name is ale and I write from Italy
like most of you I have the passion of hifi. It happened a Marantz CD63 (the same as the Philips CD100) but has a reading problem. The capacitors have been replaced partly by me and partly by the former owner. The disc starts to turn, you hear the noise of the laser which operates three times but not read. Going closer to cdm0 you hear a beep sound as a "din-dong".
What do you think about?

Thanks in advance!!


2005-03-10 11:57 pm
Did you replace the axial capacitors on the CDM0 control board ?
Were the caps replaced with the same value and voltage range?
Were they replaced with low ESR or boutique caps ?

The CDM0 seldom goes wrong.
I would be very surprised if it was the laser at fault.
Do not attempt to adjust the controls unless you know exactly what you are doing and have the ability to correctly adjust the laser current.
This is one way to wreck the laser.

the capacitors on the CDM are 3 x elna 33uF 16v have been changed by the former owner,
One was wrong was to be 220uF, I changed it with an old philips 68uf. the
I do not know if he had also tried to modify the trimmers.
How many volts should have the laser? My laser swinging and singing "ding-dong"!

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Hello Ale,
you could do me a very big favour !
I need photos of the CD 63 Lid. Especially from the lock mechanism on the front left corner
I want to rebuild those parts for a diy project and must learn how they work.
I marked the parts with red circles on the photographs following this post.
I assume the camera on a smartphone is sufficient, but you should get close.

The photos are taken from Vintage Audio Laser:

Le forum de Vintage Audio Laser • Afficher le sujet - Rénovation Philips CD100

Here is an Article about CD 63, but my French is very rusty.
Le forum de Vintage Audio Laser • Afficher le sujet - Panne sur lecteur CD Marantz CD63 (idem Philips CD100)

Another about CD63B, very identical to CD63

Maybe those guys can help you...?
All the best and thanks if you can make photos, Salar


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