Marantz CD-72 tray gear broken, HeLp!

Help, My beloved Marantz CD-72 broke its transport gear that opens the drawer and Marantz tells me it is obsolete and cannot get a part for me. I am sure someone know where I can get one of these from another machine or a supplier? From what I gather the transport, Philips CDM-4/19, is used in other CD players? How do I find out which ones? Thanks for your time, this is my first time on diyaudio.
The link works now for some reason, I clicked on it like I did before. That is great! Now I can search eBay for these CD players with the same transport! I have posted a pic of my transport if anyone has the gear though on hand, that would be awesome! The gear is orange and the teeth go all the way to the edge of the pulley. Thanks again guys!


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