Marantz CD 63/ PCM 63P-J

Ok ... Please excuse the analog guy and probably stupid question ....

Huge explosion in the shop and Theta digital dac cannot handle 90vAC in the line out ...This one is going to be an expensive mistake if i ever manage to fix it ..TBH i always had in mind to use isolator but always forgot to install it ...

To cut the story short i need a DAC

Got my shelf plenty of CD 63 and one AKAI based on PCM 63P-J is there any way quick, proven and working to do that ?
I need USB input but there is a chance that i might have a coax available

CAN i use the DAC of any of these CD players as an alternative ?

Point is that in CD 63 the HDAM sounds extremmely well ,and in AKAI CD67 there is a lot to play around with op amps and power supplying

Kind regards