marantz cd-63 mkii cant read cds


2009-09-26 2:05 am
hi all...
I've a cd-63mkii with a problem can't read cds , tried to change the pick-up (chg to VAM) by myself but still doesnt work at all ( no lens tracking or disc spinning) . then I switch back to original ones (CDM12), it now hv spinning for few seconds and lens focusing (unsure if the laser was light or not), BUT still "no disc" display....
could someone help... :(



2009-09-26 2:05 am
i just clean the lens surface only (for the original pick-up)... no cleaning for VAM as it was taken from working Philips CDP....

from my observations;

original pick-up (CDM12.1)
1/. lens => do some focusing ( however laser light can't be seen)
2/. with CDs, the spindle motor SPIN ClockWise for 1-2 sec, then it reverse
AntiClockwise (abnormal right???).

replacement pick-up (VAM)
1/. nothing happend.

thanks for the manual Andy...
hope the diagnostic routines could help tonite.