Marantz Cd-4000 / Philips Cd-723 (tda1545)


2002-06-09 10:06 pm
hello everybody,

I am sorry for my english.
I have a Marantz Cd-4000 and i have remove the op-amp en replace it with tube's
R2 = 100
R3 = 18k
R4 = 11k
R5 = 15k
R9 = 24K

C1 = 1n5 Silver Mica
C2 = 100p Silver Mica
C3 = 4n7 Silver Mica

I connect the tube stage to my tda1545 with a capacitor on pin 8 and pin 6 and its works sounds very good but there is a oscilation of +/- 10khz and it is very low (1mv) but with my amp i will hear it please can somebody help me with my scope i can not measuer it in my cd-player.

Thanks Maarten