Marantz CD-23 - CDM-9Pro issues - help!


2008-01-05 8:43 am

have a CD-23 player - always reliable - until today...

Porblem: spindle will only turn ~ 1/4 turn before sticking. Everything else working eg laser etc.

Tried forcing it - delicately... which freed it up enough to spin but now accompanied by constant light grating noise!

After a bit more fiddling, managed to return it to its intial state - stuck after 1/4 turn.

I've just joined the forum - typical, yes, when you need help... too new a member to email directly to members - but search of the archive revealed posting by:


He had some issues with his CDM-9Pro drive - if you are reading or if someone can forward him my thread - I'd be very grateful - perhaps you can shed some light on the problem?

Otherwise, if anyone else has some familiarity with this drive, your help is much appreciated:

I'm aware that there is a magnet situated on the underside of the spindle? - could this have dislodged and is causing the binding? Or is there another part - washer? seal? - that is sandwiched between the spindle and the plate?

Should I attempt to prise off the spindle?!!

Apologies for the lack of pith to this thread - a bit of a long read... thanks for coming this far!

with best regards

Carl :whazzat:


2007-08-06 12:51 pm
Do you still need the CDM9? we have little new and original one in stock, but it is very exensive, 250 euro/pc, only the optical pickup.350 euro/pc with machine
and the second hand one is very cheap, but it is only test ok.
Please contact me if you need any other help