Mar-Ken 10.3 build

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Pretty excited about the build. I have Frugel-Horn XL so it will be exciting to compare. Not sure how I’m going to finish them yet.

I have FHXL for my garage and Lances at work. Love full range and cutting wood.

Really just posting to share because I’m excited. Anybody have questions, let me know. Hope to update with a finished product.



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Happy Halloween.

I got the mar-Ken’s assembled-ish.

Have a multi-way big right now. I’ve done novice reading trying to learn crossovers. What would a crossover look like to stack some fhxl, mar-Ken10.3, and some tweeter?


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Build update.

For really no good reason, I decided to go rattle can spray paint on the cabinets. I had good luck with spray poly on a previous project, so I thought I’d give spray paint a try.

I put about 8 or 10 coats of rustoleum 2x primer on them (basically 2 cans of primer). They were looking pretty decent the following day, but still too tacky to sand. It was in the low 50’s, maybe cooler during the night.

I’ve been impatiently letting them sit til the weekend, hope they sand up nice. I never really paid attention to the coat/recoat times, but that primer says recoat before 1hr or after 48hr, something I’ll know next time.
Feeling lucky. Last weekend’s primer took and they sanded up decent. Put a few more coats of primer on. We’ll see what they’re like in the morning.


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R Kneck,
Funny you ask. Maybe it’s just my strategic photography angles?!? To be honest, I feel like I’ll be able to answer when it’s all topcoated.

The punchline is that I struggle with it. I put some wood filler on it this time, and it seems to have helped. But if I do it again, I’ll try to seal it with wood glue like people to with mdf.

The best I’ve done, though, was on my subwoofer. I cut my sides short (like 1/2”) then capped them both ends with white pine strips (3/8” on each side) so now my overall dimension is 1/4” long (1/8” each end) then flush trim with router. But that’s a process....maybe glue will do the trick.

It’s really tough to paint a good finish. I like staining best. But all the big boys on here that make really nice stuff seem to veneer. Thanks for checking in
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