many ribbon questions

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I'm looking into using ribbon tweats for line array mains that will be used for my home theater and I have many questions.

1) Which one and how many per array? My plans are to use 10 dayton rs 160's per side, I had originally planned to use the dayton planar as well but was told by many that they would do the dayton rs's an injustice. Is there a cost efficient way to subsitute another planar for the dayton pt2b? Looking at as efficient of a tweeter as possible to I could get by with using as few of them as possible.

2) Could someone give me some information needed on the capacitor required to be used in conjunction with a ribbon tweater? Specifically for this tweeter .

3) If a sensitive enough tweeter is used could just one ribbon be used for each line array?

4) Lastly when using line arrays for mains in an HT setup how do you go about creating balanced sound with your center channel and surrounds? It seems to me that the surround speakers and center would almost need to be equally as efficient and capable of producing spl as would the mains.

I don't recommend that you use just a capacitor for a passive crossover to a ribbon unless you cross really, really high. Note that the recommended crossover (spec sheet) with the NeoCd2.0 is second order at 2000 Hz. You could go a little lower with third or fourth order crossovers lower but you need to use care to prevent distortion/ribbon stretching.

In my latest project I'm using a line of 9 Aurum Cantus G3 tweeters on each side. They are actively crossed at 2000 Hz with a 48 db/octave (8th order) slope. A multichannel Rotel amp is used for the power amp. While I not using one, you could use a good quality but large value (say 30-60 uf) series capacitor in an active configuration if you are worried about protection of the ribbons. The large cap isn't meant to be a crossover component but just to protect the ribbons from DC.

On your HT set-up I would recommend that you try it without a center channel (phantom center mode) as a near field array will more than often provide enough side to side fill. Best case would be to have arrays for all of the speakers but if you don't mind compromising the HT sound a little, you can use smaller speakers in the surround prositions.

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