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many different type tubes for sale...


Hi, Jeff--

Please let me know what you've got left in 6sn7 and work me up a price.

I could also use some 12ax7 if you've got anything exotic. I've got a few USA brands, but I'm looking for something I haven't tried.


Jeff (Silver Spring, I got some stuff from you once before.)

jeff in WV

2007-09-22 12:40 pm
i just sold 4 to the man above you here...i had another feller ask about 6 more GE....he has not committed yet though...i think i may have some other NIB RCA...and i for sure have some used ones...

i dont think i have any exotic...like telefunken or amperex 12ax7...

for some reason those end up in my vibrosonic...:rolleyes:

have lots of other USA 12ax7 though...

those 6sn7 are $10 each...

the used ones are around $7 for the ones testing over 90% and the rest are around $5 or $6