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2000-12-31 9:31 am
Quantity 40 high voltage MALLORY CG 1500uF 450 VDC (525 VDC surge)
OLD stock but brand spanking NEW, in original Mallory shipping box.
Anyone in need of caps for tube gear???
So that we are clear, the caps are UNUSED, I just cracked open the box tonight for inspection, each box contains 20 caps neatly separated by cardboard partitions and an envelope containing the screws. By looking at the light blue plastic cover and the form factor (3 in diameter X 4 inches lenght) they look like recent production style my gut feeling tells me between 1990-1995.
Sorry I don't have the exact model and lot number with me right now. I don't feel like going back to the garage to get it. I will repost it later or send it to whoever is interested. I am sure there is a way to backtrack the production year.
Price $14 each. 5 for $60. 10 for $110. Plus shipping.
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