Making some tower speakers for my boat?


2007-12-19 3:45 am
What do you guys think?


I want to build something like that. I can build it with car audio drivers just fine, not much work at all, but I was thinking of trying some horns with my setup to help project the sound to the rider about 70 feet off the back of the boat.

Most setups that you buy, the useres complain it can be hard to hear the music sometimes. There is a company called wetsounds that makes some speakers with a horn in them.


So my question is, what kind of horn setup would be good for a setup like this without breaking the bank? I am new to horn design so any help would be great.

Oh BTW great forum, have been reading it for years but never registered.
Find yourself some high efficiency horn tweeters, something like this -,+V...DED/MHD-230/RD/displayProduct.jsp?sku=LS00620

Which is 109dB if you want to spend more money a compresion driver an horn should be capable of 120dB but will be significantly more expensive. Put them on the far left and right of the boat and angle them in to focus 70 feet behind the boat. They may not be able to hear the mid range from the main driver but the trebble should cut through, probably kill passing bats as well.

The problem you are going to have is finding a mid bass that has anywhere like the same efficiency. Poly cones are heavy and as such don't normally allow the drive to be very efficient and I guess you arn't going to want them to be very large say 6.5inch. I would think you will be lucky to find something with more than 86-90dB that will be percieved as about 4 times quieter for the same power input as the 109dB tweeter. This means to achieve the same sound level for 1W in the tweeter you would need about 80W going into the mid woofer.

More realistically you might as well find a cheaper tweeter, something like this:,+V...RANDED/MPT-001/displayProduct.jsp?sku=LS02371

or this

Which are about 94dB efficient which is still going to sound like alot of treble. Then pad it down with a 47R 3W across the tweeter and about 33R 3W in series.

This would match the available mid woofers much better and is much cheaper. The second one is only 80p so if they get destroyed by rain / spray after a while you could just replace them.

These are from UK shops but very similar items should be available where you are and probably even cheaper - but don't get me on to that subject.



2007-12-08 6:58 am
honestly if it becomes a pain in the back side to build some thing get a pair of EV id 4.2 they are indoor/outdoor and sound great they are @ $200 to $300 a pair just got to shop around i have 4 pair 2 in the living room 1 on the deck and 1 on my computer

Don Bunce

2007-03-21 3:55 pm
A pair of Altec Lansing 511b horns with 808 compression drivers will do fine from 500 hz up,lower freqs will be a bit more difficult without getting too large. A pair of Altec A7 Voice of the Theater cabs should work well... Available on Ebay.

Maybe headphones would be a better idea...