Making my own cable for Sennheiser HD-25


2013-03-07 3:54 pm

I'm gonna try to make my own cable to replace the steel one that comes with these headphones. My father used to be a jeweler and has plenty of material for me to play with, but I have no idea about audio. I'm an IT guy, so I am in the science field, but doesn't know much about electronics and audio.

I have plenty of pure silver and some gold (mostly 18ct, but also some 24ct) to make a nice alloy based on your advice. I have all the required tools for melting metals and making threads out of them.

My questions are:

-How many threads should have the cable? So far I undestand the thinner the threads the better but, I guess there are exceptions.

-Ideal threads' section?

-The best alloy for the cable. OFC silver plated is what I see the most, but since I have silver and gold... (How could one make his own alloy "oxygen free"?)

-The best solder material. Should I use cardas' quad eutetic or just use the same alloy as the cable (but I guess I would need to add something to lower the melting point a bit)

-What to wrap the threads with? As far as I know: teflon.

-What to wrap the wrapped threads with? For now: orange UV paracord.

-Connectors? I can gold plate my own jack and HSPC connectors, or should I just use Neutrik?

More questions will come in mind, but this is good for now. Thanks in advance and excuse my english, i'm not a native speaker.