Make an optical input?


2016-03-17 2:28 pm
You can use advice from here, there is a small passage explaining it all CD_transport_DIY

You'll need a TORX like this
some resistors or variable resistors and a ceramic capacitor of 100nf or less.

From what i understand (sorry if i'm wrong) :
The signal coming from the output of TORX is TTL or SPDIF but with a bigger amplitude (in the datasheet it is 2.5Vdc so more than 1.7Vrms giving something like 5Vpp) so just place a capacitor in series (blocking DC ?) and use resistors or variable resistors to do a voltage divider to get a signal level between 0.5-1Vpp.

Then just wire this to the coaxial "in" of the dac with a switch in between to change source input and don't risk to fry the TORX if coaxial is used.

Schematic can be found here Interface
intituled TTL to S/PDIF interface but if you want to use more advanced circuits it should also be listed there.


2005-05-15 9:51 am
ready made? or why DIY


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