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This is my second DIY project for speakers, and this time i am a bit comfuzed. My goal is to make a pair of good bookshelf 8ohm/90Wrms speakers in the Hi-Fi range. I have in mind a 2-way ported desing of about 6.1 liters volume, but i havn't desided on the drivers (mid-bass must be 5 or 6 1/2 inch). What do you think about the Vifa PL18WO09-08 (mid-bass) and Vifa D19SD-05-08 (tweeter).
BTW have you ever heard the Peerless 53 NDT 26 25 SF FF ?

I would like to hear any sugestion (in this prise range)

Thanx for your time !

Hello Bill,

My main objective is probably different from yours for this project. I went with a small sealed enclosure of 8 liters which yields F3 of about 80hz , i think the Q is 0.6-0.7 according to unibox and winisd after entering driver parameters. Overall outside dimensions are 14" x 7.5" x 9.5" with 1" Mdf all around. Stuffed with accousta stuff from PE.

I am going to be using this with stereo subs so low F3 is not that important to me, and it probably is to you ? I would go with a ported design if you want to get the most low end out of the driver.

I am very satisfied with the end result, for my next project i will probably use new 8531g scanspeak mid.

good luck.

P.S. did you already get that tweeter or still looking ? Look into 27TFFC Seas tweeter, its not as expensive as SS9500 but still a very nice tweeter.
Thank you very much Jean, that was useful.

I think an F3 of 80Hz is quite good, I might go for what you did.
As for the mid driver i have heard the Vifa and I think is very nice for the money (do you have a Frequency Responce Graph for the 8531g scanspeak, what about cost?). I was also considering the Vifa XT line tweeter. I will look into the Seas too.
I am open to other options.

thanx !
my project

hey guys, my current project is a SEAS/AUDAX bookshelf design.

it is a ported 15litre design with a F3 of 57ish, a true 89-90 dB sensitivity.

it uses the SEAS H624 driver, its a 6.5 inch

the tweeter is the Audax TM25F1

if you would like the full project details then just let me know

one question for everyone else, the tweeter is only 30mm in depth, and my cabinet will be 33mm, is this a problem?
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