Magnetically Shielding Speakers

Hi all,

I'm working on building a center channel speaker for my surround sound system and it seem's I've run into a problem. The tweeter I'm going to use in this speaker isn't shielded, so, as you know, the video display of my tv gets screwed up when I get the thing near it. I ordered a bucking magnet from Parts Express and glued it on in reverse polarity with Liquid Nails. It didn't seem to help a whole lot. Do I need one of those 'cans' I've seen on other shielded speakers for it to be better protected? Not sure what's going on. The magnet is maybe 3 milimeters off center. Would that make that much of a difference?


I think you already realise that a sheild may be needed. The easiest way the find out is to fit one and try it.
You may wish to try rotating the driver if the field is asymetrical., (due to the bucking magnet).
A bucking magnet can actually increase the amount of stray fields at 90 degrees to the axis. This is the area that the sheilding cans work best.
Regards WALKER