Magnetic Storm Havoc. Counting losses?

Hey Guys.

I was wondering. Did anyone of you experience losses and damages during the recent magnetic storm, as of 27th ... 28th September 2019?

I know of at least two bizarre cases of audio equipment failure (here locally) from within that specific time-frame. Not to mention a less than perfect frame of mind / health condition of some of the older people in my vicinity.
Comments, inputs?
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2019-09-27 11:18 pm
We had a storm with a few lightning strikes in the area a year ago.
Friend that lives less than a kilometer away lost every electrical device.
His fuse box, the meters, the circuit breakers, the house lighting, hot water, fridge, computers.
e v e r y t h i n g.
Took over a week for them to even get electricity supply back to his street.

And yet we had no issues at all.