magnetic motors


I have been working on a magnetic circuit design for a ribbon tweeter which uses aluminum as the element. There has been an intersting question that popped up when I was discussing this problem with a few co-workers; how does a magnetic circuit move an aluminum element?

I did not think of this until my co-workers mentioned it. Every true ribbon that I know has a pure aluminum strung across the magnetic gap. Aluminum, being non-magnetic, should be impossible to move with a magnetic motor.



current flowing through a conductor -regardless of the material- creates a magnetic field. This field reacts upon the magnet´s magnetic field. Since the current through the aluminium strip will change its strength and direction, so does its magnetic field. A force develops between both fields and since the magnets are fixed, the conducting strip moves.

Electrostats basically do the same, but here you use an electrical field instead.
Thats all.