Magnetic Law Faking Volume Control

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More found on the net the other day...........

5,361,306 "Apparatus and methods for enhancing an electronic audio signal by adding enhancing harmonics to the electronic audio signal. The present invention includes a field inducing coil through which input electronic audio signals are to be transmitted to set up an electromagnetic field. The field inducing coil is weakly coupled to an electromagnetic field receptor such that when an input electronic audio signal is transmitted through the inducing coil only a small portion of the electromagnetic field cuts or passes through the field receptor in order to produce an induced electronic audio signal having a greater harmonic content than the input electronic audio signal. "

-This describes two RatShack voice coils mounted on a cardboard (or metal) tube, and spaced so as to cause loose (low) magnetic coupling and an ic amp drives the primary, and the secondary drives an opamp with hf de-emphasis filtering.

6,275,593 Apparatus and methods for the harmonic enhancement of electronic audio signals

- This describes an opamp only method making claims of enhanced sound.

US patent search page -

With this background, I thought of using the property of variable magnetic coupling as a volume control element.
Would loose coupling cause 'harmonic enhanced ?' low volume and high coupling 'clean' high volume ?.
A 'law faking' pot could cause variable loading on the secondary and consequent tonal control combined with a variable magnetic coupling arrangement.

Question is - has anything like this been done before ?.

Regards, Eric.