Magnepan SMG repair?

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Hey guys..

A while ago my girlfriend aquired a pair of SMG's for a good price..
Recently she moved,and we set them up,but it seems one of her old roomies fried one of them (the right one). :redhot:

I replaced the 1.5 amp fuses in both panels with new ones,and the right panel is still completely dead. (The fuse is only for the tweeter panel,IIRC)

It's not the amp either,subbing a different speaker worked fine.

Is there any hope? Does Magnepan still repair these older panels?
(looking highly doubtful. "No" on the MG I's)
Is there anywhere else that can repair them? (without taking out a 2nd mortgage?)

Bah! :bawling:

Might it be something I could fix myself?
I'm assuming the wires on the panels got hot and went open somewhere...I just wonder how much damage it might have done to the (mylar?) panel...hopefully it's not completely melted and FUBAR..

Might I be able to "bridge the gap" in the wire and have them function?..
Seems to me like it would work,aslong as there isn't too big of a hole melted in the panel or something.
If the speaker is truly dead--and not the amp--then your current decision is actually much simpler. Do you send them back or open them up to see what went wrong? If the company no longer repairs them, then that decision is made for you and it comes down to whether you want to attempt to repair or junk them.
Worrying about the exact failure mode is futile until you make the above decisions.

Hey Grey,

I guess that's kind of what i'm asking...
Is there another option to have it repaired somewhere other than Magnepan?
Does anyone know of a person/shop that repairs them?
I'm not aware of anybody that does it,but that doesn't mean there isn't somebody,somewhere..

If not,I guess I'll take it apart and see what I can see.. about the only option left..
If that doesn't work..scrap it I guess.. So sad.
But then what to do with 1 working panel thats left?

Has anyone here ever done "surgery" on a Maggie? I've a feeling I may be attempting it soon..

Thanks Guys.
Hi DJ,

I am a Magnapan owner (although not the SMG) and I have always been impressed with Magnepan service. Plus I have heard more good stories about their service than bad. It is my understanding that they perform service on most if not all of the products they've ever made.

My first advice would be to call them and ask if they would service your SMG panel and for how much.

IUf you want to attempt a repair on your own there is very goodstep by step DIY Magnepan repair information on the Magnepan User Group site. Just Google for it. Magnepan sells the repair materials.

Junking the speakers would be an absolute last resort.

Good Luck.

Hi GL,

Well,My father wrote Magnepan not to long ago about repairing a pair of MG I's he had (wire came loose,buzzing/rattling) and Magnepan sent him a letter that basically said
"Sorry,No. We do not work on the older speakers anymore,We're deeply sorry for the inconvience.-but heres a bunch of info that may be useful."
They sent him all kinds of literature,and technical info and stuff on them.

I havn't heard back from Magnepan yet, but I'm sort of expecting the same answer on the SMG's. :(
And unless I can find someone to repair it for a resonable price,I'm gonna give it a go myself..If that doesn't work,or isn't feasable..I dunno.
But junking them is definatly the last resort. :smash:
Hi DJ,

Try calling them instead. You now have a dialog and that always yields better results. People respond better to real customer in distress speaking to them live rather than just shining them on in a letter. I've read stories on the forums of people recently having speakers as old as the Tympany-1D repaired at Magnepan. Maybe there's a cost thing involved where they don't quote repairs on speakers that are below a certain price point because the repair won't be cost effective.

Have you looked at the MUG site? It has schematics for most of the old Magnepan units as well as the repair info.

I am intrued by the fact that you get no sound at all out of the one speaker. I would expected that either the woofer or tweeter would have gone but not both. You may have something as simple as a broken wiring connection inside the panel.

Ohh,I was just sitting here reading the new posts and my phone rang!

Okay,Repair will be between $3-500.
This includes a complete strip and rewire of both panels,new cloth,wiring/connector inspection/replacment,etc. soundchecks,etc,etc.
and return shipping!

(Aww ****,and I just forgot the nice womans name! I hope she'll forgive me!)
She was indeed very helpful,and nice,and also mentioned that the MMG's are $550,could be about the same price as a rebuild,and sound a bit better,and that some people choose to go that route instead..about a 50/50 split,half upgrade to the MMG's,and half keep thier SMG's.

I'll talk to my SO tonight and see what she thinks about repairs.
$3-500 might seem kinda high,considering she paid like $175 for them,IIRC. (She's a good shopper!)

I may carefully open them up and see what they look like..If it's something simple,I'll see what I can do..if it looks bad they may be goin back to Magnepan..
I've dug around AudioAsylum a bit,and found a schematic of the crossovers,and a few possible mods..I'll see what I can find there about repairs.

Thanks a bunch guys!
I may be back with some questions after I get the panel apart..
Infact,here's the first one for ya:
How DO you go about getting the panels apart?
I noticed a screw in each corner of the frame,and on in the top center (possibly one in the bottom center also,not sure-yet)
Is there some kind of secret method to getting them apart?

Okay,Thanks again! I'm off to search the MUG.
If you have the SMG, you can also get a Kit from Magnepan, if you want to attempt the rebuilt yourself. A couple of years ago the kit for the MG IIIa was $100 which includes all the wire and supplies to rebuilt both panels. I would think the Kit for the SMG would be less.

If you decide not to repair them, their are folks out there that will buy them and repair them.

The SMGa is the model that most feel is the best of their smaller panels.

The different models of the SMG were, SMG, SMGa, SMGb, SMGc.
Just to re-enforce what ktuuri mentioned, I have just spoken with the parts and service department at Magnepan and ordered a rebuild kit for my SMGa speakers. The grand total was $113, shipping included. This includes:

Wire for the tweeter and woofer sections, Aluminum solder Overcoating adhesive: 3M's "30-NF"and Full instructions.

Pretty good!

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