Magnepan ribbon tweeter repair...


2003-11-27 12:05 am
What to do about this tear in the aluminum ribbon?


I was thinking of just removing the connector thingy on the end
and moving it to the tear, shortening the ribbon.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi mcelaj,

Well.....if it were my tweeter I'd return it to Magnepan and have them replace the ribbon.

If you wanted to save money I have heard that you can buy a re-ribbon kit from them and replace the ribbon yourself.

I would not shorten the ribbon. First off it won't balance sonically with the other speaker. And second I just don't see how the connector would physically fit in the shortened position - stuck between the magnets.

Thank you for the pictures by the way. If you wouldn't mind, could you please take a few close-ups and post them. Thanks.

I hope you sucessfully fix your tweeter.

Best Regards,