Magnepan crossover...

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hum, i have no idea why you would want to go and do that, but here is how you would do it...

just go into the xover, and disconnect the yellow wire and the red wire. that will disconnect the tweeter from your circuit.

see where the yellow ties in with the black? get rid of the yellow there. and right where the fuse ties in with the +, right after the cap bank (the 2.5A fuse), get rid of that.

you should have no tweeter anymore. still not sure why though :)
but wouldnt the midrange cutoff too early, so to speak. I am trying to get the midrange part of the mylar to reproduce from the bass/mid cutoff point, 250hz, to infinty. so cutting the wires alone would get me half way there. perhaps altering the crossover it has now, like bypassing the part of the crossover that would give the mid/high cutoff would work, not that I know which part does what?
Hi mcelaj,

I notice that you are the member who posted the picture of the toasted Magnepan ribbon a while back and asked for repair suggestions. It appears that you are looking for ways of making your speakers work full range for zero cost. There are no zero cost solutions here.

At this point I would recommend that if you don't have the funds to have the speakers properly repaired by Magnepan that you sell them as-is on Audiogon or eBay and then buy a new or used set of loudspeakers that are in full working order.

Your 3.6's are a current model and even with a blown tweeter they still have substantial value to the right person. If you chew them up trying to do the things you're talking about then they will go down in value. Then you'll be left with nowhere to go.

Active Crossover Network for MG3.6SE

Hello from Germany,

does anybody know, if the Crossover from MG3.6SE is similar to the 3.6/R?

I would like to activate my 3.6SE using Biamplification. Therefore I need to develop an active crossover.

Are any informations about this available or where to find?

Thank you in forecast for help.

Greetings from sunny Regensburg from Charly
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.