Madisound off-line?

I was there earlier in the week... failed just now. Looks to be the host.



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2007-07-25 6:37 pm
Round Rock, TX
ahhh, the joys of hosting your own server. At a previous employer, I worked out of our Austin office and HQ was in Houston. But we ran a web-server out of Austin. Our poor network guy had to make 1 am trips from Houston to Austin to fix the darn thing every time it crashed. Hosting yourself can be a major pain.


2006-02-16 4:32 pm
Given all the information, something between you and Madisound is down or broken. The DNS server has a corrupt entry or one of the major nodes that connect the major backbones is down.

What happens when you click this URL: Madisound Speaker Components | Assisting speaker builders for more than 25 years.


Well.. my Madisound book mark still gives me the "invalid URL" clicking on any of the google responses gives me the same error message.

When I click on your supplied link I do get to a Madisound page but it will not completely load. It just "hangs". trying to click on any of the page links either "hangs" or give me an "Invalid URL"

It's kinda strange! I'm not much more that 90 miles from them (as the crow fly's) Time for me to get out the tin cans and long piece of string!