Mackie 1604-VLZ3 OL/Mute LED issue?


I have the above mackie mixer that I'm trying to repair. It initially wouldn't power up at all and I found the rectifier on the PSU had died, replacing that seems to have got the power supply back up and running ok.

The issue I have now is that as soon as you power the unit up (with only the main board & PSU connected together), every channels red "OL/Mute" LED's are constantly lit and the "Rude Solo" LED is flashing. I've confirmed that the +/- 16v & +48v supply rails are all ok (even with the main board connected) but I just can't work out what could be causing this now...

Has anyone got any ideas or had experience of repairing these mixers before?

???? not familiar with silk screen designations or the lack thereof ....i would venture you still have not disassembled this enough to see what i'm talking about.

main know those ladders of led's that tell you what level the signals you've selected on your master section controls to tell you what's what look like this...


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I actually have the unit completely stripped down with the main boards silk screening completely visible but like I mention, there isn't a U1727 I can see. I also understand what the main meters are but I don't understand what you mean by "pegged or dead2? I've attached a picture of the main board I have. You will see I have removed one of the LM339 IC's. It looked like it had some heat damage compared to the others so I remove this to see if that helped (which it didn't).

Thanks again for getting back to me.


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hey folks, having the same problem here with my Mackie 1604 vzl pro mixer. All "OL/Mute" lites are on solid, no mute button engaged, "Rude Solo" flashes constantly with no sound through anything and no solo buttons engaged. I can start a new thread if need be, but have you found a solution? Is it the infamous U1727??
yes I have a can of deoxit and will try cleaning, but it seems like there is a more systemic problem. No lights or switches function other than the solid mute buttons and the incessantly flashing "Rude Solo" light. No sound through the board and the meters are dead. Solo buttons and mute buttons do nothing when pushed. You can see in the picture all "OL" mute lights are on and nothing changes regardless of buttons pushed. The funny thing is the buttons worked when I pulled it out of the box and then stopped working. Worried something blew


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