Machining of Shapal M


There's a thread going elsewhere, discussing various materials for manufacturing of phono cartridge bodies. An interesting material - Shapal M - was mentioned.

I did a bit of googling to find out more and this material appears to be machineable with 'conventional' cutters on milling machines and lathes.

I also saw that RS Components seems to stock the material.

Does anyone have firsthand experience of machining or working with this ceramic?

If I remember correctly, Shapal M is based on Aluminium Nitride.

I have used a different machinable ceramic, a so called glass ceramic based on a fluoride system. The material was called Macor. I didn't do the machining myself, but designed the parts, and had them made in the lab's workshop. I could probably ask somebody if it was going to be any help.
Hi Pigletsdad

Happy New Year to you. I machine anodiseable aluminium for a living and I'm aware of the blunting effect 10 or 15microns of anodising has on milling cutters when you try and mill the stuff off.

As far as I know, diamond-loaded machine tools would be needed to do the job but it would be interesting to learn how your lab machined the ceramic you used.

Thanks for your kind reply