Mac Schematic program

Dave (planet10) would be the person to talk to on this, I believe.

I'm sure there are some -- whether they're free or readily available remains to be seen, of course.

You may well end up being far better off running virtualPC.

Heck, you can get a good PC for doing stuff like that for $299cdn these days (without a monitor), which might end up being the best route. For that price, I wouldn't bother with something like VirtualPC.
I use both PC and Mac for various tasks. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, electronic circuit development isn't one of the Mac's strong points.

EWB4 (Electronic WorkBench, aka MultiSim) used to be available for the Mac. Easy enough to use, but not very accurate.

Kiva Design Groupe offers a port of Berkeley Spice 3f4 for the Mac, but I don't think this includes a schematic capture module.

Beige Bag Software offers B2 Spice Version 2 for the Mac.

I haven't found any usable pcb layout packages on the Mac.

Maybe there are other programs that I don't know about. Now that OSX is the recommended OS, perhaps we will start to see some ports of UNIX and Linux programs.

As an aside, I would love to see the latest version of Spectrum's MicroCap available for the Macintosh once again.

regards, jonathan carr
Hi Jason

I am just getting into this electronics side of things, and have used two packages, Osmond, which seems basic, and EDSCad lite, which is a cut down version of an expensive but powerful commercial package.

Both have problems- mainly with parts libraries, you have to define just about any part you use apart from a 1/4w resistor, and both seem clunky to me, but as I have never used any other PCB software I don't know if this is a generic thing across platforms or not.

Both are free downloads, so I would just get them both and give them a go.