MAC or PC headphone L/R output drive?


2010-02-13 3:41 am
I am building an amp to drive speakers, with my MAC/iTunes as the source. I will start off using the analog L/R headphone outputs to drive the input of the amp.

My question is ... what kind of load can the headphone jacks drive?
I am having a hard time finding such info in the MAC specs.

Eventually I will add a DAC. For now, I plan to use a volume control POT in the AMPs input stage. My plan was to use a stereo, 10K POT. Thus, the MAC would have to be able to drive the 10K load impedance. Is this an issue?



2008-01-08 11:51 pm
The headphone jack can drive headphones, some of which can be as low as 16 Ohms, so 10k will not be a problem. The quality may be perfectly adequate, I've never listened to a Mac, but I've had a more than few PC laptops and desktops and the built-in sound on most was good.