MA1070P does not work with I2C when BCLK is enabled

I am (un)happy owner of I2S amplifier board from aliexpress:

When I communicate over i2c protocol, I faced with issue that if i2s is enabled (BCLK and MCLK are enabled) i2c does not work.
esp32 returns error timeout.
I checked with logic analyzer - really, no any reply from MA board.
If I disable BCLK - I2C work successfully.

Is it bug, or feature of MA ?
Can you please explain what you mean by "BCLK and MCLK are enabled"? I only see SCK on the board.

The latest datasheet (V1.1) states...

Running the DAC directly from the MCLK is not supported, delete functionality.

What happens if you connect BCLK from your ESP32 to SCK on the board? I assume SCK and CLK are tied together on the board?
I realize that. I have successfully connected an ESP32 to a MA12070P with and without MCLK, but the newest datasheet says do not connect MCLK from the source to CLK on the MA12070P chip. That's why I suggested connecting BCLK from the ESP32 to both SCK and CLK on the MA12070P. Am I missing something else?