m54826 datasheet

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Can anyone help with a datasheet for this counter / 7 segment driver, please?

I've found a few in my stock, and it looks a useful chip for frequency display etc, but I can't find proper data or app notes on the Net.

I'd be happy to donate a couple of the chips in exchange for data:)
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Remembered, I'm thinking of MM74C926 a 4 digit multiplexed driver and counter. Now 54 series TTL and 74 series again can't remember, not old enough :D :D :D . Was 54 military spec anyone. The C was low power CMOS version which leaves the 826 part of number. Is it a 74826 if any such thing.
24 pin 'wide' DIP. 20 years old is about right.

As far as I can gather, it's an up/down counter and 3x 7-segment driver. Apparently used in some amateur radio gear for frequency display.

Strangely, searching the 'net turns up a number of references to others seeking data. The only actual offer of a datasheet is from a subscription-based supplier. I've e-mailed SGS-Thompson, but had no reply so far.

Seems like a really handy device, but not much use without a pinout! I'm hoping that the displays can be latched, which would make it really easy to use!
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Worth a try, the part your after very similar 74926. Remembered bit more, Maplin used this in project for a digital rev counter, and like you say, the counters could be latched. This is what was so attractive about it.
Good luck anyway, Karl
Got any left?

I know your original post was a while back, but if you have any of these left, please shoot me a price. I have a couple of radio shack shortwaves that these drove the LED freq display that presently have no display.

I've looked for a data sheet also, cannot find one! The pinout is in the DX-300 & DX-302 service manuals, which are available for download on line (or I can more easily email you a copy).



Well now, I will have to check my D.A.T.A.B.O.O.K. I'm sure I can find it in one of those big books. I'll be scanning and posting this maybe this weekend. Isn't it amazing how s many parts components are not remembered/used anymore? There must be literally tens of thousands of oddball mixed-function and analog components like this (alot of them japanese) that you just never hear about until someone finds one in a TV or other device and wants a datasheet.

It boggles my mind.

Anyway I bet you if you do a pin resistance comparison between that IC and a.

Oh wait...

I found you a datasheet for an M5482. It is a display driver. it also has the suffix "B7". Could you have mistaken a "B" for a "6" (the writing might be scratched).


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