M&K 250w Sub amp awaken issues

Im having an issue with the M&K 250w Plate amp and was wondering if you could help me out? It wont produce sound from sleep until you disconnect and reconnect the power. What component in the circuit should i be looking at?


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I have one of these M&K amps, as well as a Parts Express 300-794 amp, and they appear to be the same. Here is a schematic for a 250W PE amp, although I'm not sure this is the same as above.....

Edit: To add to the confusion, the PE amp box says P/N 300-796.....here are a few pics of the PE amp.


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I would say it is a perfect match boywonder.

And now: Schematics in readable format?:D

Looking close, the M&K PCB above is quite different, with a number of multi-legged critters on this of the board.

That's all I've got for a schemo, and I'm only half sure that's its for these amps. It's a PDF, so if you want, I can email it and you can enlarge.
Its basically the same thing minus the 220v switch. I have exhausted my search for a schematic. I guess ex- M&K is wanting me to throw it in the garbage. Even his repair services had nothing. I sent an Email.
WOW, I am tired of throwing things out. I can buy a 30 year old Hafler and get all the info I need, Plus rebuild it with new boards if I want. Something to think about. CHINA!