Lyra Kleos & Jean Hiraga's Le Pré-Pré (from Magazine "L'AUDIOPHILE")

Lyra Kleos & Jean Hiraga's Pre-Pre-Amp (from Magazine "L'AUDIOPHILE")

A good friend of mine would like to operate this cartridge under
Lyra Kleos Phono Cartridge | Analog LP + MC Cartridge
Lyra Kleos - Kleos bedeutet „Ruhm“ - FIDELITY online
Mein Lyra Kleos SL ist da - mein Gott, was fur ein Erlebnis !! - Seite 5 - Tonabnehmer und Tonarme - Analogue Audio Association
with this moving coil head amp, described in English under
Project | Homebuilt Hi-Fi - A user submitted image showcase of high quality home built hi-fi components.
Hiraga MC Preamp
and in German under - 63_Der PrePre_Hiraga.pdf.pdfür-le-prepre/ür-niederohmige-systeme/

According the schematic there is no capacitor between the cartridge coils and the emitter (comon base) input.
This means, there is a certain risk that could be caused an issue by residual DC and noise by switch-on.

Maybe there are countermeasures (as an extension of Hiraga's circuit) to avoid resp prevent such issues.

Thank you very much for advices.

Check out in this case this threads:
DC Coupling for MC Cartridges - how much error voltage before coil damaging
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Allowable DC Current for a Phono Cartridge
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What is the maximum permissible voltage drift (in order to offset adjust)?
And what is the best approach against DC and switch-on pops on cartridge coils, if one want to use Jean Hiraga's Pre-Pre-Amp ?
Thanks for upload an appropriate circuit.
The mentioned projects in post #1 don't use any protect steps for the DC connected MC cartridge.
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