Lynx amplifier using Mosfets

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Hi Folks iam a guitar player and i want to build a mosfet power amplifier for my rig. What i want to know is...can anybody tell if i could replace the output transistors in the Lynx with Hitachi mosfets. Please tell me if it will work.......i have e-mailed the Danish wed site but got no reply so if u know this can be done let me know.....thanks iam going for 250watts a channel
You can probably use mosfets but some things must be changed.

1 Gate resistors must be added

2 Temperatore compensation must be changed, change to a BS170 temp sensing element. Works pretty good.

3 Emitter/source resistors may be tuned

Some development may be required to get good performance and stability. Don't underestimate the development time and needed skills. It may be harder than you think to get it working, even with Jan's pcb's.

Jan is on vacation, back 17 th July.....

Jan is ACD here if you didn't know it.
Lynx power amplifier using Hitachi power mosfet

Hi to all who replied
I like the minimalism ideal when it comes to power amplifiers. I know that tube are the be-all for guitar amplifiers but,a all tube can get pricey9having to replace power tube....etc) so i am going for apower amplifier that i can build that has as few parts as needed. First, the op amp front end because with a op-amp i don't have to worry about matching any transistoreverything in op-amp already matched. Mosfet are very rugged(no themal melt down....Hitachi mosfet that is ) IRF are not matched in pairs...current..etc. and with Hitachi and exion mosfet i can build a high watt power amplifier. I know that theLYNX has more parts than a minimalist would like but, i cant't find any other circuits on this forum . Like i said less is more for me i know there is a circuit that use very few componts and can give a great sound . i want to build a class AB POWER AMPLIFIER that will give 250 to 300watts with op-amp front end. oh, Sjti i saw the A ussie amp and thanks for the information but iam going to stay with a op-amp design....THANKS AGAIN ALL if u come across a mosfet circuit like the one i ramble about here please let me know...peace.......Oh, i will use a tube pre-amp the drive this power amplifier
Sorry for this late reply

And thanks tp Per-Anders for taking care of this thread while I was on holiday ;)

I won't waste time trying to convert the LYNX for mosfets....
There are many good mosfet designs out there.... Use one of those !!!

As rolanddong points out, the LYNX are a rock solid power amplifier developed for use with transistors, - NOT mosfets !!

And I have no idea how it would perform after a conversion for use with mosfets ;)
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