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Lynn Olsen ME2's complete & Ariel cabinets

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basically, i have a fully complete & finished set of ME2's in silver, finished to a very very high standard, crossovers in nice tidy boxes, quality cables etc.

i have then bought some Ariel cabinets made by a proffessional cabinet maker to a very high standard again, these are the version 6 and are in a smooth MDF state.

they have never been fully assembled with the drivers etc but all holes, pins, spike kit & everything you need to complete them is there.

my plan was to assemble these in summer, we have just moved house and to be completely honest they are way too big for the living room so i think it best if i dont assemble them because if they are amazing it will sicken me as the missus will just not have them in the room.

scanspeak D2905 tweeters and vifa main drivers are all in exc condition and the ME2's sound excellent and are easy to drive etc. not quite enough bass for me mind altho the mid and treble are exquisite and exactly to my taste! :(

also a very nice design file documenting the ME2's and all drawings and data for the Ariel as well as a Review from a popular magazine.

anyway i will post pics shortly, the whole kit and caboudle for £350..surely a DIYers dream?? :) the drivers alone cost more than that!

plenty of info on the web about these, read up and see if they float your boat.



What they can look like finished!


The ME2’s



just clarify, the ME2 are the standmount version of the Ariel and all the drivers and crossovers just can be transferred from one cabinet to the other. so really you have two pairs of speakers to play with.

( i am sure you all knew this anyway but thought it best to mention)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.