Luxman l550, l570, l570xs class A worth the hassle?


My question is is it worth buying Old class A luxman like l570, l570xs?
My fear about these luxman amps is that Output transistors are discontinued and impossible to get.

Also is it True that these class A amps require overhaul (replacing of all caps) every 3-4 years?

So is it worth buying? I read some opinions that some people didnt like luxman l570 sound, described it as glossy/smooth but with poor reproduction of detail

What is Your experience

Thanks in advance. Cheers
I am not sure if in the meantime you have made up your mind to buy an L-570, but I recently became an owner of a L-570Z's and a L-570.
Unfortunately I could not make any comparison yet as I don't have the L-570 in my hands and anyway before listening to them I am getting them checked.
It basically means that it gets cleaned inside and all under-performing electrolytes will get replaced. Also the thermal paste on the transistors will be replaced and I hope that's all it will need. I would be very happy if other capacitors (copper sheet polypropylene), resistors and relays can stay original.
When I was looking for information about these amps I've read that customers were not fully satisfied with the sound of the L-570, they have found it too soft and they expected more of a dynamic sound along the lines of the L-540, so Luxman redesigned the L-570 a bit (more powerful power supply section) and some other tweaks and that's how the 570X's was born. If you check on thevintageknob you can see that the L-570 was a bestseller anyway, but based on some feedback it seemed people wanted to have something similar to the L-540 sound, but improved. L-540 was originally sold for ¥ 240.000, L-570 for 350.000. Both seemed to get introduced in 1989. L-570X's got introduced in 1992 and was sold for ¥ 380.000 and L-570Z's was introduced the same year (1992) and was sold for ¥ 500.000. What I've heard is that with the Z's series they managed to achieve customer requirements and there's an audible difference in standard and the Z's version.