Luxman L-530 damping factor


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Its easy to get a good idea by measuring it yourself with a DVM (or scope)

Damping factor is just the ratio of the load impedance to the amplifier output impedance. Connect an AC voltmeter across the (not connected) speaker terminals of the amp and using a sine wave test tone set the volume control for 1.00 volts. Now connect a load resistor (say 8 ohm) and note the reduction in voltage. If you measured say 1.00v before and 0.95 volts with the load then the damping factor is,

0.95/8 = 0.119 [the current in the 8 ohm load]

and damping factor = (1.00 - 0.95)/0.119 giving 0.42 ohms output impedance.

And you should really measure at the end of your speaker cables :) Now the difference between that super low damping factor amp and a not so super damping factor amp isn't that different :D