Luxman L-116a Caps


2010-07-15 9:42 am
Hi, i got this luxman l-116a. It works and so but i do believe that the "big" caps at 10000uF/56v and bias/dc pots would need a replacement. I read somewhere on this forum that it could be a little tricky getting good ones, and yes.... can´t find any cap that has snap-in/soldering pins and modding w skrew caps doesn´t feel that fun since i want this as is, original design.

I´m sure that someone at somepoint did replace the pots since they are insulated (usualy open ceramic ones in these(?) ) but still real bad 1-turners... hard to get equal readings on l/r channel, and slightest little touch of them will equal in 10/15mV displacement, so more turns and better quality pots would not hurt.

The caps, even if they where replaced at the same time as the pots this would be over 15yrs ago easily. A little hard to tell but when looking at the glue against pcb it looks like it´s been there forever.....

I want to restore this unit to what is was back in -84, help and component suggestion is more than welcome.