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Lumin U1 Mini Upgrade power supply

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Hi. An other little project of mine. I have a very nice Lumi U1 mini music server. The only real difference between the U1 mini and the full U1 is a less fancy case and the use of a little 12V switching power supply instead of a full discrete one into the bigger U1.

So there is an easy way to reach for the full U1 performance, replace the switching power supply... There are a few commercial offering out there, but they are rather expensive. I made my own little version, that fit into an Hammond enclosure. It uses the same LDO voltage regulator as the Lumin external power supply.

My version use a standard rectifier, or like I will do, use a 'perfect Bridge' active rectifier, then a CLC filter, the the LDO 12V regulator. There is provision on the PCB for an external power on switch and front ON led.

The original Lumin SMPS supply is a 12V, 0.7A. Mine will be limited/protected at 12V, 1A.

There is provision on the board to use a small split core transformer from Triad, simply because I had one in stock, but you can always wire an external toroidal transformer if you wish. No need for anything fancy, any 12V/1A transfo will do. The PCB supports dual primaries 115/230V transfo.

Anyway I'll have a few left over pcb from my prototype. If interested they will be 25U$ each + Shipping + 3%Paypal fees.

I'll test my prototype first, then I'll will confirm the parts list and schematic.

Naturally you will be responsible to install your supply with your own Lumin, and I cannot be responsible for any damage you can do in the process. Thanks for your understanding...


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.