LTSpice and phono circuits testing, opinions?

Hi all
I've been away all summer for other things. Now I'm into electronics again. :)
I have started to use LtSpice more and more. I have used NI Multisim 10 before but sometimes it does weard things. Also, LtSpice is the tool for DIY guys to change circuits between each other, particularly in this forum I have seen.

Recently I picked up a nice RIAA simulation circuit from the Yahoo LtSpice group. It have been very handy to use with the two circuits I have tested so far. As one can say when it's clear that things really works out as it supposed to, ... I'm on the track.

I have tried this RIAA simulator with the LT1115 reference example circuit in LT Spice and also with the Phono amplifier circuit from the -90's Luxman phonostyle amps (in this case the LV-105u)

I' attach the latter one in this post and like to have opinions.

I would also appreciate spice models on theese days most popular IC's if you have and also some equivalents to Luxmans use of 2SK332 FET's. I used what I had in this circuit.

Anyway, I'm mostly glad of the RIAA simulator to test things out so that you are on track before building. Any smalltalk is :yes:, :cloud9: and :worship:


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wrong searchpath for the ideal OP amp.

Please change the directive for the op amp to .lib idealOPamp.lib in the Luxman105u.asc schemativ file or use this new zip instead.

Open the Luxman105u.asc with Ltspice and run the simulation. Then point with the cursor on the labels in and out. (A "pencil" will show up). Then the graph should show the frequency response and phase for input and output.

Hope this will help. I'm very new to this. All of you "LtSpice people" will not have any problem though.


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