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I purchased 12 LS843 at Micross Components Ecommerce System, but the product I received was printed with ls84. The other party explained that there was no printed number for space reasons. 3. Has anyone else experienced the same experience? I think I was deceived.
I have some LSK489 & LSJ689 they have the full number printed on the can, not the same printing font but a full part number.
You could ask the manufacturer if what the distributor is saying is accurate.
Since the part is available in 3 offset grades you would think that they would identify them as such, LS843,844,845
Mine are from Trendsetter, Micross is new to me.
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I think that the three models are not deliberately created, but are screened out. I don't believe manufacturers will mark their products like this. Because this will cause management confusion. Thank you for your reminder, I have already emailed the manufacturer.
You are correct, they are tested for grade, same die.
I had the same problem with shipping, I asked if they would snail mail to me, since the shipping to me was ridiculous as well. They were nice enough to do it, since it was only a few parts. Good luck sorting it out.

I purchased some LS843, LS844 and LSK389 a few years back from Trendsetter

The 843 and 844 are marked with 3 digits of poor almost unreadable print quality and a larger font than the Philippines line, LS and 9xx code that I can partially see also on yours.

The print quality is like waterbased ink on oily metal and it did not stick well and also is very fragile and rubbed off on one doing what I consider normal handling.

I see the LS84 on yours is the same font as the Philippines lines and that font on mine is durable.

The LSK389 had no grade letter on them. Just LS389 and the Philippines and 9xx code.
I ordered grade B and they measured correct. Packaging was marked correctly Grade B.

It looks like 6 possibilities of LS84X.
I'll take a guess they are fine and the LS84 marks the type and the last digit print either never made it on them or rubbed off but it certainly is not ideal.
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