LP12 PSU Help


2013-03-30 1:45 am

An old friend of mine is looking to repair an LP12 for an old fella. The owner is 85 years old and literally just looking to get it back working by the cheapest means possible.

The Valhalla seems to be shot, no movement from the motor. However, he reckons the motor is fine.

It's a 1984 model and transistor #3 is getting very hot and wondered whether this is normal? If not, any idea of the solution?

The schematics we have found only relate to the 1989 model, which appears to be different.

We were also wondering if anyone had a PSU of any sort, particularly what I believe to be the original 2x2 inch power supply, with only 4 condensors. Or know of a PSU that can be purchased cheaply, i.e. £50 or less that will do the job. Not after ultimate fidelity here, just to get the motor to turn at the correct speed!

Tbh, I don't usually use this site, so any info will be gratefully received.

Can be this one?