Lowthers worth the effort?

I stumbled across a pair of Lowther speakers, apparently they are these Bicor 200. The drivers are in a bad state. One is dead, with probably a burnt-out coil and deteriorated surround. The other works, but the surround has been replaced by some fabric. The baskets are quite raw aluminium and are unfinished. Boxes are well-built, but can do with a re-finishing. Is it worth the effort and expense trying to restore these? Refurbing the box is no problem, but it looks like the drivers will be costly.

Not enough information

To evaluate this, you need to know the which Lowther driver is included. If they are C series drivers the answer is likely that they have no value. Look at the price list for Lowther to get an idea of the value of the various drivers. In example, if these are PM7A's they are probably worth some money.

Just replacing the cones will cost $500-600. You can probably do this yourself with any mechanical abilities. I can send you information on the process if you are interested.

If the cabinets are plywood they are probably worth salvaging.
I'm not too familiar with Lowthers. The units are not marked with an identifying code. I've checked the Lowther site, and they seem most likely to be type C. Anyway, $500 is way more than I've paid for any high end driver. The boxes have a chip board core, yet still seem sturdy (possibly due to the double-sided veneer skin). The inside divisions look like raw chip board, though.

Well, I guess that's one project that's not going to happen. Thanks for the info.