Lowther under new ownership

Lowther has recently been bought and is up and running again.

I met the new owner of Lowther, Martin Thornton, at an audio fair in the UK a few weeks ago.

Martin's background isn't in the audio industry, but from what I can gather he's got a really good technical team on board. They are not just building drivers, but as I understand it are bringing out a range of speakers, and then looking at a Lowther valve amplifier line.

He was an extremely nice guy, and seems totally dedicated. He said his team have improved the drivers for improved reliability and solidity. He's also working closely with John Howes, who owns a Lowther museum in the UK, and is maybe the authority in the UK on Lowther drivers. I've known John for many years and bought my Classic 400 horns from him 15 years ago. I talked with him about what Martin is doing at Lowther, and John was enthusiastic and optimistic about Martin and the company.

I bought a couple of DX3's off him and am really pleased with them, and he's also rebuilt a DX2 for me. He was exceptionally good and prompt in doing the work, and in shipping the speaker to me.

As I understand it, he doesn't have a distributer in the USA yet.

I think if there are any Lowther lovers here with technical ideas, or suggestions, whether for drivers, driver designs or speaker designs, he is very open as he decides in which direction to expand the Lowther brand, emphasising build quality and reliability as much as sound quality.

Cheers David


2010-09-19 5:18 am
There are Lowther lovers, like myself.

until I start making my own custom lowther cone, voice coil damper.... etc

Custom Made Lowther Cone YouTube