LOWTHER surrounds exchange

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FWIW, I was unable to find commercial aftermarket surrounds for mine;the compliance of Lowther surrounds is higher than standard replacements.
I eventually successfully rebuilt them with surrounds kindly supplied by a Lowther enthusiast (who asked not to be named). Where he obtained them, I don't know.
Possibly. I'd be wary of buying from Ebay however -I've been screwed too many times.
That said, I did get a superb pair of Tannoy Lancaster's for a bargin price. And a year back, a pair of MONSTER Sansui's dating back to 1977, and sounding fantastic (if you like that sort of thing. Still, one can have varied taste in audio, correct?)
You might be better off taking advantage of Lowther's Service Exchence Scheme and let them worry about the old drivers. Just a thought.
Hi Bartek,

I don`t want to sound discouraging but I think a small comment of warning might be appropriate.

Are You aware that even in case You`d get suitable surroundings that mounting them correctly would be hell of a tricky job?

In case You never tried something like this before, I wouldn`t begin exactly with Lowther`s!
Are You aware that even in case You`d get suitable surroundings that mounting them correctly would be hell of a tricky job?

Yes, I'm ;)

I got a pair of PM2C for free. They just need new surrounds. Wouldn't you try if you got a pair for free?

Lowther exchange program is still too much money I have to pay.

Thanks for the answers.

I got a pair of PM2C for free. They just need new surrounds. Wouldn't you try if you got a pair for free?

I don`t know if I would try myself, I believe rather not (at least not when the surroundings do cost Euro 90....).
What I did once was to exchange a complete diaphragm/voicecoil/spider/ surrounding unit on a pair of Scanspeaks. It was difficult enough and I was very happy after I got them running properly again. I`m not to keen to try that again.

I think to change only the surrounding is much more difficult than such a complete unit as described above, in particular on drivers with a super-narrow airgap as with Lowther`s and a flabby foam surround.

Lowther exchange program is still too much money I have to pay

Well that`s true with most of the other brands also, that`s almost as expensive as new drivers.
I don`t know how much is such a complete diaphragm/voicecoil/spider/ surrounding unit from Lowther but usually (other brands) those are about one third or less of the price of new drivers and I believe this would be much more worthwile to try.
Have you actually contacted Lowther to ask for their advice? Lowther UK are a friendly bunch. I don't care what the economists say about hard-nosed business sense; they wouldn't have survived longer than any other hifi company if their customer relations and service was anything other than excellent. If you haven't yet, fire an email their way. I'm sure they'd be willing to help out as best they can. They'd rather their products were soldiering on out there than going to the great scrap-heap in the sky, that's for sure.
One other alternative: sell them on to someone with a little more cash to spend on reviving them, and use the proceeds to buy whatever driver from the Fostex range floats your boat. I reccommend the FE167E as a good place to start; and probably the most versatile of the lot. They'll mug a tired Lowther any day (not the case when new, but we're not comparing like-for-like here).
Just a thought.

I asked Lowther, but they said the new surrounds don't fit older units and they don't stock/produce replacements for old ones.
Shame on them as Lowthers are so collectible drives.
Porsonally I also have some doubts new surrounds won't fit as I have seen Lowther drivers (new and old ones) many times and they look the same.

I'm using Fostex FE 204 now so I'm familiar with those units. I just wanted to try to fix those PM2C I got for free. What am I suppose to throw them out as a piece of garbage? I like them and I want to fix them. No problem with the skills as I can do it :)

I tried another sources and there are pretty much no other than some Kawagushi site. But they make surrounds for Lowther with rubber (???) and they are not cheaper than those from FS Germany. I wonder where all the people using older units get them fixed and where they get surround. I have seen the website with working old units many, many times.

I got those surrounds last year, though it seems to me that I got them from a seller with a different name (Irene Adler maybe?) -- though still having to do with Fullrange Speaker. On one hand, around 100 dollars for four little pieces of foam is appalling, but on the otherhand, its about a quarter the cost of having Lowther do it. Replacing both suspension and spider is difficult, but I managed (you need to shim the voice coil, and you need to be very careful doing it because of the wires wound on the inside of the voice coil). I feel the result is very much well worth it -- I love the speakers, and there is no way I could afford factory rebuilding, and so far I have no reason to think I didn't do it as well as the factory.
But: make sure the surrounds are for the PM 2s you have -- the ones I got were for the PM 6s I had.
I think you ought to try it -- while caution is always adviseable when buying things from Ebay, I found the seller responsive and straightforward in answering my questions, and had no problems with the sale.
I think I described my experience on both this site and AudioAsylum -- if you do a search you might find my post, and it might mention stuff I have forgotten.
I find Lowthers easier to rebuild than most speakers.
The magnet assembly is fully adjustable for centering, andle and voicecoil penetration, so initial assembly doesn't have to be spot on. In fact, these adjustments are part of living with Lowthers, and need redoing every so often anyway. Just take it carefully, making initial adjustments by feel, then fine tuning with a low level signal applied.

The factory surrounds are very nice! It is the cone, surround, and frame. I have swapped several.
The centering of the cone is fairly easy, and setting the depth of the coil in the magnetic gap is common sense. One small issue is that the coils are not perfectly round from the factory. I made a simple jig to get them as round as possible.
Rounding the voice coils makes centering much easier.
I have only done A series drivers, there are no issues with new surrounds and old magnets with them. The C series may be different, never liked the old pair of PM2C I once had. Sold them.
As a rough cost estimate, gave myself a pair of 15 ohm PM7A cones for Christmas. These have the rolled edge on the whizzer. They were 400.00 from Lowther of America. Have not gotten around to installing them.
As others have mentioned, you will need to learn how to disasemble the drivers if you use Lowthers anyway. It is good to pull them apart, clean the grey gunk out of the gap, and recenter every couple of years. Or if you can feel voice coil rub why manipulating them in and out
The PM2A are harder to do than the 6A or 7A for some reason. I think it is because the 6 and 7 have 4 screws holding the magnet to the frame and the 2 only has three. Typical British engineering, the heaviest magnets have less screws to hold them in place. I asked the factory one time why, was told that it is because that is how it is.

Lowther Re-Foaming, Surrounds Lowther, Lowther Suspension

Hi Guys,
That Thread is now 5 Years old and still interessting.

Since the Refoaming old Speakers is my Therapie,
I tried also Lowthers. Oh Boy!! Thats not for Begunners.
The Gap is too small for any Mistake.

A nice Gentleman, told me than, to recenter with Life Music.
Some dirty old Blues, or Jazz with complex Bass Lines.

Today Iam proud to know 4 different Enclosues and 4 different Lowther Driver.
Iam also confirm the very good Partnership with Miss Adler from Berlin.
I asked Her, about PM45 and PM55 Sets.

Now on Ebay we can found that Size, my Lowthers give the
Prototype Measurements. Have send them to Berlin for taking
all Dimensions, then produce them.

I can say, the Quality is same, maybe better then in original.
The Lowther Guys are funny, how they solve mecanical Questions :)
Biggest Magnets needs less Screws... yeahh!
Also the Finishing Quality in Production Line, was not what I would do.
But hey! The are Lowthers. Live with, or leave it.

Than, I replace the Surrounds and Spiders and had big P.I.T.A. Job Refoaming them correct Way. I suggest to take also a Centering Help.
BUT: dont take hard and to stiff Material for Gapping. Take a BusinessCard-Quality. The thin ones. They fit perfect and You are then shure, the VC is in Place, they should be.

The most critical Point is to made a perfect 90degree Angle, when glue the Spiders on the VC Tube.
Also dont stretch the Spider to much.
Take only a little Amaut of Glue for the Spider Job.

When glueing the Spider in the right X-Position, be carefull, to be in same Position as the old was. Otherwise, You get a Stretching Surround and Spider
Combination. I hope You can Imagine that.. sorry Folks for my Bosnian English. Iam young and learning fast.

The VC Diving in the Magnet Gap is easy. The better Position is, the louder Music can play...
The right High can be then fixed with Cardboard Shimms, like they was before De-Assembling.

Be carefull when munting the Srews back. They are not magnetic, ut the Tool, you use. Dont slip away and destroy the fragile Parts.

Fasten the Screws each in same Force. "Feel the Force" hehe...
If only one Screw is to hard fasten, the Basket loose the correct
Position and the VC can rubbing in the Magnet Gap.


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