Low voltage ESLs?

Hi guys

Has anyone ever thoght of building a low voltage 'ESL'? It'll probably be more like a cross between an ESL and a ribbon. The idea being that you have a diaphragm similar to a ribbon, but the panels are driven by a low-voltage, high-current source. Something like a ribbon between two electro-magnets. The only thing I need to know is what influences the strength of the magnetic field- is it high volts or high current? Will two panels with high volts have a higher field-strength than two panels carrying high current? Just curious.

There are speakers that are called "full range ribbons" made by Apogee that do what I think you want to do, except that they use permanent magnets to set up a field and then apply an audio current to the ribbon which has a serpentine metallic conductor covering its surface.

I suppose you could reverse that and run DC through a ribbon to establish a magnetic field then put serpentine conductors on "stators" and apply the audio signal to the stators. But permanent magnets can produce a much stronger field than a DC current through a light weight ribbon, and they're relatively cheap, too. You can get into all sorts of mechanical issues with the ribbon not wanting to move just forward and backward but also side ways.

Electromagnetic field strength is a function of current. More here:
magnetic field