Low-resistance block terminals for flea power amplifiers

I am wondering what brand or make of low-resistance block terminals the members here recommend for passive crossovers being driven by flea power amplifiers. I sourced a pretty good output transformer with a low-DCR secondary (.3 ohm) and am looking for similar low-DCR components for the passive crossover input/output terminals, or perhaps suggestions regarding which ones to avoid. And before anyone chimes in with it, yes, I am aware using an active crossover is the best low-loss alternative. I’m just here looking for best practices with passive loudspeaker crossovers.

Thanks in advance.
Brass will do nicely. Avoid plated steel, its magnetic and creates distortion with high current signals. In otherwords test with a magnet, if its magnetic, reject.

Quick-disconnect spade terminals are commonly used in cross-overs as speaker drive units also use them - there are several common sizes and then come in different thicknesses too just to make it complicated.

At low power levels you can use smaller connector sizes without current handling worries, the DC resistance losses will not be an issue unless you run long thin speaker cables. Calculate speaker cable resistance and pick thick enough cable for long runs. For 8 ohm systems you might decide 0.2 ohm limit for the cables, for instance, so 10m cables need to be 10 milliohm per metre or less, 2m cables 50 milliohm or less.
Certainly NOT a best practice but here is my crossover for a 300B DHT amp. Makes experimentation easy.


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