Low pass filter 10mH & 100uF what the freq cutoff


2012-01-25 12:57 pm
If I put 10mH 15AWG on + line of speaker and put 100uF capacitor between + and - lines

How much the frequency cutoff I will get

I plan to use in my 10" subwoofer to have frequency cut off about 250 Hz below

2nd order is just fine.

Can anyone provide the calculator of L & C for low pass filter?

Thank you.


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The trace is off the top of the graph! Either turn down the voltage of the 'power amp', or use the scale menu on the response plot so you can see up there.

To be completely accurate, you would need a zma file of the driver's impedance and a frd file of its frequency response. As default, XSim assumes a driver's impedance is pure 8 ohms resistive, and its response is flat with 70dBspl at 1V input. That will get you reasonably close on the effect of the crossover, assuming your driver is 8 ohms. If it is 4 ohms, just put another 8 ohm resistor across it in the model (but not in the actual crossover!)


2012-02-10 12:12 pm
You have entered in mod sensitivity the 93dB value which raised
the overall spl to a level that you can't normally see without moving
the vertical center of the SPL graph. Set it to 0 dB. Make a simulation
based on manufacturer's box volume of 28 litres and its sensitivity
plot at 0 deg which already has baffle step factored in. Trace the impedance
plot of the same box.