Low noise resistors, cheap, 1/4 watt 1/8 watt

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bought some 3/4 0,5watt Welwyn
they are relatively big size, and reminds me I need something smaller as well

but should not be hard to find cheap resistors if audiophile prices is considered normal standard
but I think the Welwyn sounds good enough :clown:

what is considered 'cheap' ?
Any body have any experience with Vishay Dale CMF Industrial resistors?
Low noise?
Sound good?
Any cheaper sources?

I found Vishay Dale CMF Industrial resistors at Newark:
Excellent high frequency characteristics
• Exceptionally low noise; typically 0.10 μV/V
• Low voltage coefficient to ± 5 ppm/V
US - Electronic Components Distributor | Electronic Parts Distributor | Newark

Vishay CMF data;

While looking for low noise resistor I found this doc about Vishay bulk foil.
Seems to have good data explaining why my ears like them when I use them. Expensive.
Understand that there are two noise sources in resistors:

1. Johnson noise- this depends on the resistor value and has nothing to do with how the resistor is made. It is a fundamental property of the universe. You can only reduce it by lowering the temperature.

2. Excess noise- this does depend on resistor construction. Wirewound are lowest, metal film slightly higher, carbon composition much higher. For most values of resistance, the Johnson noise will swamp excess noise for metal film and wirewound.

Your noise will hardly be affected if you switch between a 4 cent metal film and a $40 bulk foil (or whatever fancy resistor suits you). Best strategy is to buy a name-brand (e.g., Vishay, Ohmite) metal film and use a higher wattage than necessary to avoid heating. If matching and long term stability are important (e.g., equalization resistors, plate loads for LTP), your resistors can be pre-baked.
I've used Vishay dale (mexico plant) Vishay (Thailand plant)multicomp (Thailand and india source) Welwyn and International (chinese source) metal film resistors. They are a lot quieter than the 1961 to 1970 age carbon comp resistors I have been replacing. All have had accurate resistance. I don't know if any brand is quieter. I don't really notice noise differences below about 100kohms, but there and above it is quite obvious. I use a lot above 100k on the tube amps in the organs. High resistance carbon comp resistors tend to drift up in value.
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