Low Cost Portable Scopes

Is the DSO1511E+ still the favored low cost, shove it into your pocket like a multimeter, scope these days? This would be for testing simple factors in various places where dragging and setting up a real oscilloscope would be a PITA. The battery powering and associated isolation is of course a real bonus here.
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If the case is open at the sides, you'll get off cuts of component leads in there sooner or later.

Bear in mind that the voltage isolation of the case of all these inexpensive scopes is undefined,
and would be questionable, and possibly dangerous, for higher voltages over 50V.
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EEVBlog did a recent, comprehensive review of this small, battery powered, low cost ($70) combo DMM and scope:
He doesn't give it a thumbs up due to idiosyncrasies with the mA DMM function, and the short battery life, but no real show-stoppers. It seems good enough for some basic stuff, not sure how it stacks up with the competitors from OWON and Hantek. First tier brands will be at least an order of magnitude more expensive.