Loudspeaker grill cloth Cheap ?


2004-03-25 2:43 pm
Den Haag
hi there i was looking for grill cloth. for my tymphani 1D becaus emine look like smoked yellow. tried bleeching but no they wont fit. :( and i have another pair of homebrew panel speakers that i want to finish.

No i know you can buy cloth for speakers everywhere but its like 15 euro for 1 by 1.5 meter. this is retarded high. would coast me 100 euro or more for some cloth.

doe anyone know wich material is cheap and works?

i've seearched and came up with this

Polyester single knit
and burlap or also called jute. not the best looking i think but looks almost the same as the magnepan original cover.

wich one effects the sound the least?

or someone has better idead and maybe even a place where i can order it.

i preffer black


2005-11-13 1:55 pm
I think your calculator battery is discharged or something.
If a 1meter x 1.5 meter piece of cloth costs 15 Euro, there is no way you will spend 100 Euro :eek: to cover a couple cabinets

Blaming battery problem is not a very polite way to talk without taking into account speaker size. Planars are not a typical cabinet, and may need to be covered from both sides.

I have come to a quite good material that comes in cloth/fabric stores. It is quite cheap. I do not really know how it is called but seems a common substance. It is thin, light and partially transparent. Material is synthetic and stretchy but in fact strong and difficult to tear. Surface is a bit shiny, but after stretching slightly this effect is invisible.
Try to go to local materials store and perhaps you can find something similar.

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2004-03-25 2:43 pm
Den Haag
well its funny i thought well give local electronic store one last try usually more expensive then online.

3 euro for one meter by 75 cm so according to the other material 6 euro for 1.5x1 meter

i just bought 21 meters :) haha. that guy behind counter.. uhmmmmm normaly they get one meter or maybe 2. got it for 50 euro , so thats nice of him

and indeed i did not calculate at all was just to make my point,, that this stuff is way over prized.


indeed its a whole set of tymphani wich cost me 11 meters, one hombrew set wich cost aroun 3 meter a piece, and some left over for acoustic panels :)